Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba

Colin’s first Birthday Part-ee! Selina my girlfriend and mom did an amazing job coordinating it. She is a teacher at a private school in Manhattan. She is unbelievably patient and hands-on when it comes to kids. Sometimes I wished I was a bit more patient like her. She is also very creative and resourceful when it comes to planning. She threw her son, Colin a Yo Gabba Gabba party.

The party was held at the school where she teaches. She was able to rent a space at the school to throw the party. The school looks like it belongs in the Harry Potter movie with manicure lawns and impressive buildings. The school is currently going through some restoration. 

She had balloons tied to the doors so the guest can find their way to the party.  As soon as you get closer you'll notice familiar faces on the happy colorful balloons - why of course the characters from Yo Gabba Gabba!  I couldn't believe they were stickers.  She had a great space to work with too.  She had an open area where she setup a projector on one wall with the show running in the background and a bunch of equipment scatterred throughout the the room for the kids to play. The kids loved the gigantic legos and blocks. The kids had a ball building and sharing.  The equipment kept the kids occupied the whole time and little supervision was needed.  They had fun, we had fun! 
As for food, she had it catered from a Philipino restaurant, she arranged a long table all spread out as a buffet area with drinks in the middle of the room. The food was definitely interesting and different.  Then on each side of the Buffet table were two long tables for the guest to sit, beautifully decorated with center pieces and colorful table settings.  The place didn't need much decoration. Then along on by window she had a round table where the cake and gift bags were spread out and another table for the gifts. The gift bags were adorable and it was personalized for each little guest. She got assorted coloful paper bags from Party City and placed the names for a personal touch.  As party favors, she got plain little t-shirts and placed character faces on them. Very cute and practical. Selina also gather the kids together during the party to do circle time - did the parachute, dancing and singing with the kids. She was also able to find DJ Lance radio piñata.  It was a big hit for all the kids incuding the older ones.  Before you knew 3hrs went by. With all the excitement and playing - our birthday boy certainly had a long day.  We later found him yawning on his mommy's arm.  Everyone had an amazing time and the party was a total success. Hope Colin did too! Happy Birthday Colin!

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