Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Updated Hall of Science

The last time I was at the New York Hall of Science was over twenty years ago when I was in grade school.  For some reason I remember it as - boring and dark! 

We went this past weekend on Easter Sunday and it was nowhere near what I remembered.  Three words - educational, bright and modern!    I don’t know why I never thought of going and I pass by it every day.  Guess it never occurred to me - Hall of Science to be toddler appropriate and thought it was more for mature audiences.  Was definitely wrong.  There was plenty of things to do that kept the littles ones occupied.   I’m so glad my friend convinced us to go.  We were able to use our LICM membership to get discount tickets at Hall of Science - one free adult and child.  We purchased our membership in Long Island Children’s Museum in February and we’ve done so much with it.   We have user our membership several times already.  We were also able to use when we visited in Boston's Children's Museum earlier in March where we were in town visiting family and friends.   Great value and option to take your kids to.  For today's visit only had to pay $11 for the 2nd adult, Wyatt is free since he is still a baby.  NY Hall of Science was super easy to get to, is right off the LIE.   If you have enough time and feeling to do more you can visit Queens Zoo just down the block.  You can pay $10 for parking or do street parking.   We got lucky, the attendant wasn’t at his post so we pulled right in.  Surprisingly the place was pretty packed on a holiday but we still manage to find parking near the entrance.  Once you pay, they hand you stickers that you wear on to show that you paid.  Just as we pass the entrance and peeling the stickers to put on, we overheard 2 people ahead of us talking about sharing the stickers with friends waiting outside.  I know it doesn’t have anything to do with me but I don't totally approve the idea.  Would it bother you?  Do you think is ok for them to?

Anyhow, Megan had a good time running around with her friend.  She enjoyed playschool area, Great Hall and the playground the most.    We left at closing and just before the rain started to come down.  It was certainly a quiet ride home.  We will definitely go back again

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