Monday, April 25, 2011

Cake Pops and Easter

A bunch of us friends got together for Easter at Johnny and Mey’s in Jersey.   Our lucky family to host our 1st annual Easter event.  Poor Johnny didn’t get home till 2AM, found himself waking up to a 5AM emergency call to rush back to work.  Then to come home to a full house with 9 active toddlers running around and ready to hunt for eggs in his home. 

To make things easier for the hostess and host, we initially agreed that each family contributed to something this was before knowing Johnny had to work.  Potluck makes it so much easier especially if you are expecting a lot of people.  Even thought the event wasn’t planned at our house, just baking and putting together the bags was exhausting.  Imagine doing it all?  Our gracious host and hostess provided yummy Latin food.  I offered to put together goody bags and bake sweets. 

I’m not much of a cook or baker.  Although I decided to bake sweets for this event.   Starbucks gave me the idea - cake pops.  Their new line of sweets.  They are so cute which made me want to make them for Easter.  I think cake pops are going to be the next big sensation like the cupcakes!  I did a little more digging and discovered “Bakerella” on the internet!  After checking her out, I ran out and bought myself her book.  Love it.  I never really baked before - let’s just say I never baked this much before in such a short time.  

To prepare myself for Easter - I baked twice before my big bake.  Brought my first batch to work to shared with my fellow colleagues and then another batch for my daughter’s daycare.  Made both variation – cake balls and cake pops.  I used yellow cake from a box for my cake pops and dipped them in different color chocolate to make bunnies, chicks and Easter eggs.  As for the balls, I made them look like bite size chocolates with red velvet cake inside.  They were a hit.  Everyone loved bite size cakes and seriously who can resist cake on a stick?!   They are also fantastic for little munchkins and their little hands.  I did alter the recipe by using less than recommended frosting to just 1/3. 

As for gift bags – I made it simple.  Order “Max and Ruby” story and coloring books from Amazon, also added a box of small crayons, voila.  HOWEVER, my little gift bags did not turn out how I envisioned because my LOVELY husband accidently threw my Amazon package into the trash.  My only save was the 4 books that were shipped separately!  The night before the get-together I ran to B&N and target and couldn’t find any!  "Max and Ruby" are hard to find.  I had to improvise and picked up other books as replacement.  Arghhhh... It was a disappointment on my part but the kiddies didn't know any difference.  Lesson learned, don’t trust your hubby when it comes to cleaning and picking up! 

Happy Easter Everyone.

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