Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer Ambition

I finally joined the gym today and took one of the aerobic kick boxing classes at Lucille Roberts! It's been almost 8 months since I had my son. I think is time that I got off my arse and got motivated. I don't intend on completely losing myself just because I'm a mommy.  I'll like to feel and look good.  Besides, I still want to fit into my pretty clothes. 

It felt really good to sweat.   As disgusting as it sounds, I was delighted to find my shirt drench!  Dawn the instructor was awesome.  Maybe that is why the class was so crowded.  Everyone's got the one mission in mind, for - swimming suit bodies!  You should see these women, they meant business.  And ME, struggling to keep up, fumbling with my steps and punches.   Whenever I falter I will check out my neighbor and got me focusing again.  I had a moment, an embarassing moment, but - please don't laugh.... I found myself unable to control myself when I was doing jumping jacks or any sort of jumping for that matter.  O-K, I mean down there. Other mommies out there experience this?

I have also joined the NY Road Runner and signed my first run in June.  So get myself ready for the runs, im going to alternate gym and jogging.  I'm so excited. 

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