Friday, May 13, 2011

How much to spend on Kid gifts?

We’ve got a whole bunch of birthday parties to go to in the next month.  Two just this weekend!  What is a good gift to get for a 6yr old? I hate getting gifts that don't have gift receipts.  They either really just awful gifts or items we already have.  By the way most times when you get gifts without receipts they are recycled.  Don't tell anyone but sometimes I recycle items that I don't like.  I feel terrible when I do because I hate it when I get them.  Most time I buy giftcards because it saves me on trying to think of something smart to get and run into the chance of getting something the birthday kid already have, along with something really small so they can open something.  Speaking of which, while I was shopping yesterday, I found these delightful coloring books, not your ordinary coloring book.  It encouranges your little one to think outside the box and can keep them busy for hours.  You can find them on or any local bookstore, from $8-$20.  Perfect for my little small gift.  How much do you spend on gifts? 

We are in May but believe it or not, I have mommy friends that are already planning for their kids bday for Nov!  We didn't throw a bday party for my daughter last year since it was around when i had my son.  Still debating whether I should throw one for the both of them.  Think it would be tacky to throw one for both in between their two birthdays - Sept 17 and Oct 29?

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