Friday, May 13, 2011

Boy left behind

A friend from work picked up her daughters from the daycare as usual yesterday.  As she drove into the lot she saw a little boy alone at the playground situated next to the daycare center.  She rushed in to pick her daughter as she did she forgot about the little boy.  As she walked out of the building with her girls heading towards the car she saw a boy still playing in the playground alone.  Just as she spotted the boy, she saw the director along with one of the teachers talking heading towards their car and she then shouted to them that there is still a kid in the playground!  Both the director and teacher scramble back to the building to get to the little boy.  As she was telling me this I was appalled.  He was left behind!  It gave me goose bumps as she told me this.   How can they forget the kid.  Why wasn’t there anyone watching?  Where was everyone?  Were they short staff?  That is no reason to forget a child!  I was flooded with question.  She then told me that it was impossible to miss the kid in the playground as you walk out of the building.  She then asked me if she should mind her own business or tell the mom and file a complain.   I told her that she should speak up.   I know if it was my little one, I would want someone to tell me about if they saw my child out there by himself.  Imagine if something happened or if someone snatched him?  What the informed parent do with the information would be up to them.   What would you do, if you were in her shoes?  I'm still a bit shocked hearing the story from my friend.

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