Saturday, June 18, 2011

Upset About membership Changes in ACM Program

Are you upset about ACM Reciprocal Program changes?  For those that are not familiar, ACM is a national program providing services to individual museum members to unlimited admission to their home museum and plus other participating museums nationwide.  Most Children Museums are participants, if you are not sure you can check on the ACM website. 

I’m sure you must heard me rave about the benefit of getting Children’s Museum membership from my other posts.  What I didn’t realize was the changes that applied in during the recent months since I purchased my membership.    I think this change is most affected in metropolitan areas, particularly in NYC.  It used to be that if you purchased a family pack of 4, you were able to take the whole family of 4 to any tri-state’s Children Museum with unlimited access among admissions to nationwide participants.  This was what drew me in the first place to purchase – unlimited access to tri-state museums.  Now with the new changes, is only good for one adult and one child.  So while they have added more nationwide museum to the program it took away my local privilege and the major selling point for ME!

Don’t get me wrong.  I think the program is fantastic, gives you ideas of where to take your kids to when weather doesn’t cooperate or when is too hot outside and just need somewhere indoors to cool off.  Fabulous when you are doing road trips as well, so that you can check out that area’s Children Museum.  However, if you live in NYC, this is a major loss.    I have written several emails to both my home museum, Long Island Children Museum (LICM) and ACM Reciprocal Program, not the response I was hoping to hear.  I believe they should honor members who purchased their membership before a certain date or otherwise somehow compensated them for the inconvenience and change.    Again, I think overall is this is a fantastic program and great value but just not as appealing as it was initially for earlier member.  

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