Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is milk good for you?

After recent discussion with my mommy friends, it has me wondering if milk really does a body good? or if cow milk harmful to us? What is "ultra pasteurized"?  How come some organic milk doesn’t need to be refrigerated?  How is milk produced? Is very arguable depending who you talk to and resources you read from.  I have never been a milk drinker not even when i was little.  If I did drink milk, it had to be ice cold or flavored otherwise i wouldn't even touch it. We all have grown up thinking milk is the epitome of healthy drinking.  Is it still true?  Maybe back when things was still done the old fashion way.  As our high paced lifestyle is taking over, we seek for more affordable, fast and easy alternatives like items that are mass produced to meet our needs that is found in our local grocery stores and supermarkets shelves.  Most of the milk we see today at the supermarket are given growth hormones to increase milk production and antibiotics to decrease infections.  Even organic labels are highly questionable and misleading.   Which also brings in question how these animal are treated and how clean the facilities are.

Additives, organic, grass-fed, homogenization what?? With all this reading and searching online, I’m still unsure what is good and what is bad.   More confused than ever.  It seems like everything these days is confusing with many contradicting views.  For now, I still want to believe cow milk, especially grass-fed cow milk and not homogenized is good for children.  Although, I wouldn't be surprised to later hear arguments whether the grass cow are grazing on is natural grown grass or tampered!

I have recently been buying Ronnybrook milk for my daughter - Creamline milk.  Grass fed, pasteurized and non homogenized in glass bottles.  So far we like it. 

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