Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hi My name is marisa. Created this blog over a year ago and ...FINALLY entering my first entry. This is more for myself than for an audience where I can keep my racing thoughts, ideas and interest on track. I always wanted to start a blog but never really took action just like many other things I said I wanted to do but always found something to deter me. I hope this is my start of many good things to come and motivate me to action than just talk and think about things I can do! Since my 2nd child I have noticed that I’m more forgetful and often spacing-out a lot. Forgetting details from a meeting that I just attended , not remembering where I left my keys and have to ask questions several time before my brain registers and focus. I find that I have to write things down or otherwise I’ll forget. Been also relying on my calendar and my phone to keep track of things. Thank God to technology. This new change that is been happening is really hindering my performance at work. Googled my symptoms and it led me to – Adult ADD. Can I possibly? Well, I found myself answering “Yes” to almost all the symptons listed! It said that I should visit a professional to further diagnose. Really? Is this part of getting old or can kids do this to you? Can it make you lose your mind and yourself? Hahaha …I LOVE my kids. We spend whatever time we can with the kids. We try to set aside Saturdays as family day no matter how busy we are with things– we’ll attend kiddie birthday parties, visit friends, go on play dates, visit museum and other attractions. I think of this as moments where we are creating memories to look back to and remember. Great times. Is not always fun now...especially since we are at that weird stage, the terrible stage actually with my daughter who is two and half. We are holding to our seats tight and hoping to that this will blow over quickly. Although, I’m told that I have a long journey ahead from other parents. After Twos, there are THREES and FOURS to look forward to. I hopping she skips all this. But then I suppose there is also my son’s to look forward to after my daughter is done with hers. Even so - NO, it doesn't end at four. Oh Joy. No escape. In the meantime, I'm going to just enjoy our family weekends now and worry later.

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